Ketchipotle is a spicy blend of premium ketchup and smokey chipotle peppers. There is no question that the most popular spicy pepper flavor in the countrytoday is chipotle. Once you taste Ketchipotle you’ll understand why. This delicious sweet-spicy smoky condiment has transformed regular old ketchup into something new and exciting. Ketchipotle is perfect on meaty items like hot dogs, hamburgers, sloppy Joe’s and ribs. In fact, Ketchipotle can be enjoyed in recipes as ketchup or as a spicy BBQ sauce.

Ketchapeño, as the name suggests, is a delicious blend of premium ketchup and spicy jalapeño peppers. It is the perfect condiment to bring big bold Latin inspired flavor to all of your favorite foods. Just a few spoonfuls of Ketchapeño will spice up everything from French fries to hot dogs, onion rings to deli sandwiches and even meatloaf. Originally created for use in Chef Schy’s restaurant, today Ketchapeño can be found in grocery stores and restaurants in the United States and Canada.

Buff-A-Que®  is a thirty-something ingredient creation that can only be described as “pure genius.” The day we mixed some BBQ sauce into our hot wing sauce we knew we had something amazing. We named this new sauce Buff-A-Que® and the rest is history. Originally created for chicken wings we later realized that the flavors were perfect on sandwiches, pizza and burgers.  The flavor of this sauce can be described as a delicious blend of spicy buffalo wing sauce and sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. It is a truly original flavor. 

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